changed lives caught on camera

The positive impact that horses have on people who have experienced emotional or psychological trauma is well documented and profound. We have seen it with every veteran we’ve had the honor of working with. Here are some glimpses of that impact at work.

Barbara had never been up close with a horse before- let alone a wild rescued mustang. This is her trusting herself, and letting herself be open to the horse… and the horse responded in kind.

After 1 day of working with this wild rescued mustang, the bond between Luz and her horse was set in stone.

Terine’s first day working with a horse impacted her so greatly that she is now in our advanced training program.

These blind Vietnam veterans got to spend the day with one of our horses, and discovered that bonds can be made and trust accomplished with all their other senses.

Marie’s first time around wild rescued mustangs allowed her to break out of her shell and trust herself, and her horse followed her lead and trusted her too.

LaNita’s first day with horses made a breakthrough impact on her life, and she is now going through our advanced programs to work with them for a living.

Genee is allowing herself to be calm and present in these first moments with a wild rescued mustang.