Horse Communication

Our programs focus on working with the horses on the ground, eye-to-eye. With intimate hands-on bodywork techniques and cuing, our veterans learn to truly communicate with the horses and build deeper relationships with them. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust, gentleness and respect- which makes for the most positive experience.

Katty is learning beginning Masterson Method techniques of relieving tension and pain in a horse through gentle touch.

You can use tools to perform these Masterson Method techniques if you are in a wheelchair like our veteran from the Blind Rehabilitation program at the Long Beach VA.

LaNita has learned to lead a horse without a halter or lead rope- but just with cues alone.

Marie is guiding a wild rescued mustang in a round pen using simple gestures.

Cari is showing a wild rescued mustang a carrot stick for the first time, allowing the horse to get comfortable with it so they can use it together in training.

Terine is learning how to read a horse’s response to gentle touch in order for her to locate tension and pain in the horse.

Genee is using a carrot stick and cues to guide this wild rescued mustang around a round pen. The horse and Genee watch each other’s behavior to make sure they understand each other.

LaNita and Terine are both using gentle touch and Masterson Method techniques to find tension or pain in the horse, and watches carefully for the horse’s reactions to know how to proceed with their techniques.