Are you aware there are 1000’s of equine jobs available?
Have you considered working in this industry?

If you are a veteran who is experiencing difficulty in establishing a career path, EET employs the well-respected therapeutic value of horses to help stimulate your interests & abilities in equine-related employment.


Our Mission

E.E.T. partners with horse ranches and horse rescues around the Southern California area to provide occupational training programs for veterans who want to work in the equine industry. We start with introductory horsemanship / horse communication courses, and move onto more specialized training depending on the specific employment goals of the veterans in our program.
This training works towards successfully achieving the goals of the veterans, allows the veterans to experience the healing nature of horses on a consistent basis, and improves the lives of the horses we work with.


venues for potential equine employment

After completing the training offered by EET, veterans can find sustainable employment in some of the following fields:

  • Horse rescue, including preparation for adoption

  • Therapeutic riding academies

  • Other equine service providers such as veterinarians, equine chiropractic acupuncture or equine massage bodywork

All our training facilities, instructors and apprenticeship programs are located in Southern California.