Healing Major


Terry and Darlene did a lot of work recently at the Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue on this handsome fella, Major.

Major is a 10 year old mustang who is VERY shy of people and unwilling to be touched on his right side.  Darlene (who is studying to get her certification in the Masterson Method) had worked with him for a few days before Terry arrived and thought that he would not be willing to work with someone new.  But Terry has the patience of a saint- so after lots of calm and gentle touch,  the trauma of being touched passed and he relaxed and allow them both to get to work.  He was unique because he would rear up when approached, but once Terry or Darlene put their hands on him he would relax.  By the end of his session, he was so relaxed that his head was hanging low and he let the ladies move around him without worry.  This was a big step in Major's soon-to-be success story!  

We hope you're all having a wonderful week, and please keep the victims of the fires in your thoughts.  Many people and animals have been displaced and injured (and more have lost everything), so stay safe and support each other in this sad time.