Healing Horses

Half of what we do at EET is healing horses in physical and psychological pain.  We primarily use The Masterson Method with rescue horses to asses their physical pain, help them relieve that pain, and begin to build trust with people again.  So in addition to stories of helping veterans, we'll be sharing our progress with the horses that we work with.

Terry Erlwein, a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method and a certified Masterson Coach, spent time this weekend at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue working with 4 different horses.  She had particular success with one horse, Maddie. 

Maddie is 6 years old, mad at the world and stiff in her right hind section.  Super grumpy and not wanting to be handled, Terry's patience, attentiveness to Maddie's body language, and working slowly to help her relieve the pain and tension throughout her back and right section, eventually paid off.  She seems to be suspicious of people, and the close healing contact Terry is showing Maddie is allowing her to bring down those emotional walls.  After her session she was acting cute, friendly and relaxed, walking out with a nice big stride.  

Our social media is just gearing up (click the links below to follow us on Facebook or Instagram), and we'll be posting on here weekly highlighting success stories.  Thanks for stopping by!

Terry working with one of the horses at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

Terry working with one of the horses at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue