Welcome to Equine Empowered Therapy 501c3 (pending)

We're excited to announce the beginning of this extremely special project that utilizes the well-proven therapeutic benefits of veterans working with horses, and couples it with the healing techniques of the Masterson Method.  E.T.T. is a non-profit resource that will bring together veterans in need of employment and Certified Practitioners of the Masterson Method (an interactive method of equine massage that allows for the release of pain, tension and restriction in suffering horses).  Veterans apprenticing under these instructors will achieve 3 vital goals:

  1. Learn a valued and sought-after trade that will enable them to achieve gainful employment in the equestrian field
  2. Emotionally heal themselves through the therapeutic power of horses
  3. Heal rescue horses in pain in order for these horses to move on in their own lives to be adopted into a happier situation then they have previously experienced.

We hope that you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social media (facebook and instagram) so that you can watch our progress, meet our partners, and witness the healing in action.  Please feel free to contact us through the form on the "Contact" page or via email if you have any questions, comments, or would like to help.

Thanks so much for stopping by- and stay tuned... there's a lot of great things coming up!

Will Friday working with Rags

Will Friday working with Rags