New Partners...

We are excited and humbled to have partnered with Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, and are working with them on their Wild Horse Warriors retreats.  Please take a few minutes and watch the amazing results of this work: 22 US veterans commit suicide daily. Wild Horse Warriors is helping to put an end to that statistic. Like forging new rivers through stone... this is a story about profound courage and transformation. 12 minutes - 3 days - 1 lifesaving program Support the program and help make it available to more veterans here:

Lifesavers Wild Horse Warriors produced by Sylvia Johnson. Used by permission.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Lifesavers Inc/Free Roaming Studios

Our first Wild Horse Warriors retreat that we will be assisting with is coming up, and there will be more info about that very soon.  So stay tuned and thanks for your interest!