Genee's Success

We are excited to announce the latest success of our EET veteran, Genee.

Genee already had a lifetime of horse experience when we met her, is a mounted horse ranger and volunteers at horse rescues in her area. But her dream is to be able to learn the skills to make healing horses her career. We were excited to be able to enroll her in the Masterson Method Weekend Seminar Workshop, which she flew through like a comet.


From there, she dove into challenging home studies to prepare herself for the 5-Day course, which is mandatory in her journey for Masterson Method certification. This whole process is not only academically demanding, but physically daunting as well. But this week she not only rose to the challenge- but soared above and beyond it. She has aced her 5-Day and is going to move on to the long and dedicated Field Work Course.


The overwhelming enthusiasm and perseverance that Genee has exhibited throughout this whole process is inspiring and humbling, and we are so grateful to be able to assist her in conquering this goal.
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