Whether you’re new to horses or an experienced rider- E.E.T. welcomes you, and has the programs to get you ready for any direction you want to go with equine employment.


program outline

Each veteran is supported to the extent of his or her interest and aptitude in the following framework:

  1. Introduction to horse ground work and safety.

  2. Tuition, course materials, and financial assistance (all course costs paid for by EET)

    • Masterson Method's Weekend Seminars, Advanced Training, and Practitioner Certifications

    • Accredited schools and colleges, all disciplines

    • Approved private courses, all disciplines

  3. Apprenticeship – Paid to veteran candidates, free to professional providers for 3-6 months trial period

  4. Placement in equine related jobs.

Program Detail

Equine Empowered Experience

This is our introductory program- usually a 1 day course that introduces you to the horse, working on the ground, eye-to-eye. The magic of the horse brings you into mutual trust in the present moment. For many veterans, this is “life changing”.

Equine Empowered Training

Builds your knowledge about the horse through a series that develops understanding, equine communication, and skills on a weekly training schedule (usually once a week, schedules vary depending on instructor and facility).

Equine Empowered Coaching

These programs transfer the equine experience into real life and opens many possibilities for you to continue in the equine world. These can include multi-day programs at various ranches or retreats that allow you to process what you are experiencing with the horses, and how that can be directed into your daily lives.

Equine Empowered Treatment

Veterans whose experience leads them toward being of service to the horse begin to use the Masterson Method of equine bodywork to relieve pain and restrictions through our “Horses In Pain, No Money” program (HIPNOM)

Equine Empowered Apprenticeship

For those who are serious about vocation in the equine world, apprenticeships are sponsored to them directly under professionals in many equine disciplines at our partner ranches.

Equine Empowered Education

For veterans choosing a path that requires more academic studies, this is the guided mentored study program. EET places and supervises capable veterans in academic programs like Pierce College Equine Science program.

Equine Empowered Therapy Collaboration

Among our numerous collaborative entities are accredited and PATH certified programs for veterans seeking employment in therapeutic equine facilities (PTSD treatment, special needs children and adults, etc).

All our training facilities, instructors and apprenticeship programs are located in Southern California.