How We Started

You might ask yourself the question:  Would an old lawyer and an old cowboy ever agree on anything?  Absolutely! A mission and vision to heal and empower displaced and devalued veterans and horses.

In 2016 Bruce (the old Lawyer) sent Mike (the old cowboy) a copy of an article in the LA Times about PTSD where veterans were working with wild mustangs to improve the horses’ chances of adoption.  The veterans, both giving life to the horse and receiving therapy from the horse, struck an immediate and profound mutual chord for them and resonated into the creation of Equine Empowered Therapy (EET).

Both men have a layered and experienced background in business, the legal profession, the military, and horses. Along with their professional endeavors, both work with organizations that facilitate recovery, training, and horse therapy including: Bruce, who’s formed a group of paralegals at The Beacon House San Pedro, an addiction recovery program which coincidentally has a veteran population of about 1/3; and Mike’s longstanding volunteer work and association with the San Bernardino Volunteer Posse Association, search and rescue and horse therapy program for at risk kids. Their experience in elevating those who have been marginalized combined with the power of horses, created an instant spark, and once lit, the fire raged!

More of this synergistic success is exactly what we propose to you.  Can we release the positive energy within our struggling veterans and help them find the in-dwelling pride and hope with and through the magic of horses?  We think and believe so.  Do you agree?